A brief history of Jim's Foodmart

In 1969, Jim Vencato opened the doors of the first supermarket in the Houghton area. Named "Jim's Foodmart", the store was the first in the area to offer a full grocery selection, along with freshly-cut meats, fresh produce, and dairy products. With Jim's reputation for quality and service, the store quickly grew to become a local favorite. Even with the opening of stores by several big food chains, loyal customers still shop at Jim's Foodmart for the personal service and great selections.

In 1996, Houghton resident Bill Winter purchased the store from the original owner. Now in its 46th year of operation, Jim's Foodmart is still locally-owned and family-run, and continues to provide the personal service that customers have come to expect. Since assuming stewardship of the business, Bill Winter has expanded and remodeled the store, adding even more selections and services for his customers. In 2006, the Pearl Street Mall was opened, located just to the north of Jim's Foodmart. A fresh and modern facility, it is home to many complementary businesses, including pizza and sub shops, a bookstore, and two restaurants. The Pearl Street Mall has become a favorite destination for local college students.

Jim's Foodmart stocks a full assortment of your favorite brands, including dry goods, baking supplies, dairy products, coffee & tea, frozen goods, and snack items. Fresh fruits and vegetable are delivered every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If we don't carry a particular product or brand, just ask, as we may be able to special order it for you.
The Deli
In The Deli, you will find many fresh salads, sandwiches, pasties, Wonder-roast whole chickens, and the best salsa in the Copper Country. Try our delicious mild and medium varieties. If you are really looking for a treat, try our green salsa, but consider yourself warned. It's hottttt!
The Bakery
The Bakery offers freshly-baked breads and rolls, cupcakes, cookies and muffins.

Our margarine croissants are absolutely delicious!
The Butcher Shop
The Butcher Shop has prime rib, crown roast, leg of lamb, spare ribs, and steaks which can all be cut to order. Staffed six days a week, many of our customers come in every week for special cuts of beef, pork, veal, lamb, and poultry.
Candies & Sweets
Have a sweet tooth? Then Jim's is your place. We offer chocolates and candies from all over the globe, including many exotic varieties. You'll find special treats just in time for Valentine's Day and Easter candies will be here soon. Come in and see what we have today!
International Foods
Jim's has a full selection of international food products and ingredients, including Asian, Mexican, and Indian. Choose from a variety of rices, sauces, spices, cooking wines, and oils.
Beer & Wine
Jim's Foodmart is literally world-famous for its beer, wine, and liquor selection. Stop by to browse our domestic and imported wines, including many from Italy and France. Our walk-in beer cooler, the 'igloo', ensures that our beers are always cold and fresh. Quick turnover of our beer inventory guarantees freshness too.
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